tattoo inspiration ink body art arrow aztec placement upperleg small mini feminine boho shorts


Cross tattoo back shoulder black simple minimalistic inspiration rock chick denim jacket ink


Wanderlust shoulder world map globe tattoo girl woman lady small black gorgeous beautiful ink inspiration


Couple tattoo boyfriend girlfriend boy girl tattoos tattoo ink big ben eiffel tower london paris inspiration


Ribs rib tattoo gun weapon rihanna fashion blogger victoria low cut armholes vest white black


Girl big salvador dali tattoo ink elephant long legs shoulder back black beautiful ink inspiration


four multiple small arrows tattoo arrow man arm girl ink inspiration cute simple


Matching arrows bohemian boho tattoos couple tattoo boyfriend girlfriend boy girl arrow inspiration ink


Tattoo inspiration ink placement collarbone shoulder text arabian girl small cute beautiful


World map brown ink tattoo birth mark pols wrist globe inspiration


Beautiful life like brush water koi fish goldfish black red tattoo inspiration ink belly back ribs girl


Fishes tattoo black fish ink ideas inspiration idea drawing brush japanese koi girl

 Pictures: via Pinterest

I’ve always been quite obsessed with tattoos and I’m 100 percent sure of the fact that I’m going to get one. But I haven’t made my mind up for the placement en design (for years!) yet. There’s so much I like, but I don’t want a fully inked body. I’m very much into arrows lately, but it’s getting a bit too popular for me. I’ve always liked crosses and guns, but again quite popular. I do think though, that their popularity has a reason; They just are great designs!
Furthermore I’m really obsessed with maps and this awesome Salvador Dali tattoo. Wouldn’t get that last one, but I really do admire it. And I really love the placement of the text tattoo. Last but not least I love the fishes tattoo. I’m seriously considering getting the ones on the drawing (last photo) inked on my ribs.
As for placements I really like the ribs and back, but I really love the upperleg (first photo) as well!

Do you have tattoos or do you want one? What would you get and where?

Lots of love,

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