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I actually never do instadiaries, but I thought it was fun to do one for a change and to show you what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. For more you can of course always follow me on Instagram (username: RedReidingHood). Would you like to see instadiaries more often?

What are you looking at?

1. Probably the place where I spend most of my time (besides at home): the Douwe Egberts café in my hometown, Leeuwarden
2. Still love this skull mug the bf and I got from Urban Outfitters in Antwerp
3. The bf cooked for me, I’m such a lucky girl!
4. I so wish I could have worn this, but it was (and still is) way too cold.
5. The bf and I spent a day at the beach (which explains the windswept hair).
6. Got these amazing new sandals in. Can’t wait to wear them!
7. Oops, we just really were craving some McDonalds.
8. A #FromwhereIstand.
9. Love my new pink lipstick from Dior!
10. The bf enjoying his apres-dessert. Yes, he’s got one hell of a big stomach.
11. My aunt made the most delicious sushi.
12. The bf and I love going out for diner. This was at ‘de Walrus’ in Leeuwarden.
13. I love my running shoes; pink Nike Flyknits.
14. My best friend and I got featured in the local newspaper for our running blog: Chicks Running On Kicks!
15. Got a free ice coffee from Douwe Egberts for my b’day.
16. Another #FromwhereIstand
17. My sis and I trying to get a tan earlier this month when we had one sunny day.
18. My sis her face looks funny in the window reflection, LOL.

Lots of love,

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