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Like most people when I first saw Céline’s ‘furkenstocks’ I thought only one thing: Puke! Or maybe two things: Puke, but I can imagine they must be very comfortable. I immediatly did like the way of styling though: Worn with a pair of slouchy pants.
But I’ve got to admit that this trend is starting to grow on me. The fur still is a bit too far for me, but without (Birkenstock style).. Well, maybe I might even like these ‘grandpa’ sandals. When I saw Sabrina from AfterDRK wearing them in a very stylish way the other day I was sold: I need to get my hands on a pair of these Birkenstocks. I’ve got to confess that I already own a pair (Gizeh), which I only wear during holidays, but I don’t have the Arizona ones yet.
And you know what’s best of all? They are so damn comfortable! Oh how much I love the current trends: Slouchy pants and orthopaedic shoes: I’m in!

What about you? Birkenstocks, is that a yes or a no? In case it’s a yes, you can get them at Sarenza.

Lots of love,

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