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Okay, so I ran into this very cool DIY on the internet (via Pinterest that is) and I just had to share it with your guys: An Alexander Wang inspired gladiator sandals DIY. I immediately loved this tutorial by Geneva Vanderzeil from the blog a pair & a spare.

These Alexander Wang gladiator sandals are all the rage now, but a student like me can’t afford them (although I really wish I could!). Well, if you like me don’t have a lot of zeroes on your bank account, this DIY is very interesting for you! Geneva used a pair of flat sandals for this, but I would prefer a pair of heeled sandals. She also added a couple of extra straps, the choice is yours.

This is what you will need:

  • At least 5 yards of leather (or faux leather) trim (try to match the material and width of the straps of your flats as much as possible)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Flats
  • E6000 glue
  • 6 press stud buttons
  • A multi hole punch tool
  • Optional: some pvc or wire to stiffen the main gladiator spine

Well, enough talking. Time to get your hands dirty! Just follow these steps:

Diy steps tutorial step by step alexander wang look-a-like gladiator sandals heels strappy straps leather


How to create your Wang-ish Gladiator sandals

1. Start by deciding how many strips you want to go around your legs, I went with three to keep it simple and almost geometric looking. Then measure your calf in the places you want to put the strips.
2. Cut the leather into pieces, I did three pairs matching the different widths of my leg and one pair of long strips to go vertically down the front of my leg and connect to the flat.
3. The top long piece is for the front of the leg while the other pieces are for around the leg.
4. I then glued the long strip onto the front of the flat, I took it all the way down to the edge so the materials matched up.
5. This is how it will look.
6. This is optional. Depending on how stiff your leather is you may want to glue on some sort of reinforcement to the underside of long strip that goes up the front of the leg, just so it doesn’t bow out or bunch up. You can use wire or a strip of PVC like I did. This isn’t absolutely necessary but may help with the overall aesthetic.
7. Glue on the horizontal straps.
8. Let them dry overnight.
9. Measuring around your leg to work out where the stud button should go at the back, make a hole with the hole punch.
10. Insert the screw on the underside and attach the stud top on the right side.
11. Finally, make a hole in the other side so you can attach the strap by pushing it on and off the stud button.

All done: Your Alexander Wang-ish babies are ready for a stroll!


And this is what they look like on the beautiful legs of Geneva. Don’t forget to check out her blog for more great DIY’s!

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Lots of love,

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