Streetstyle wearing fashion week summer hockey jersey Chicago Blackhawks women girl sportsluxe trend

Fashion blogger streetstyle NHL Blackhawks jersey varsity number tee sportsluxe leather shorts

Fashion blogger girl streetstyle wearing sportsluxe varisty number oversized hockey jersey tee blackhawks red NHL

Fashionista wearing sportsluxe Blackhawks jersey tee NHL leather shorts vintage zara sandals

Outfit details chicago blackhawks red old school hockey NHL jersey oversized indian logo

Zara shoes outfit details strappy sandals straps black leather minimalistic 2012

Blackhawks jersey: Old family piece
Leather shorts: Vintage (via episode)
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Me and my shadow-self wearing a pretty old (it once belonged to my uncle) Blackhawks hockey jersey in Groningen city yesterday. As I told you before I really like this sportsluxe trend and I love the jersey-ish tees webshops like topshop and Gina Tricot sell. I also bought a pile of them, but then I realized I already have some pretty awesome (and authentic ones) ones laying in my (and my father’s and boyfriend’s) closet, like this Blackhawks beauty. I like that it represents a real team in stead of the ‘fake’ ones you can get at the stores I mentioned before (although I really like them as well).

Well, I’m off to enjoy to enjoy my weekend!

Lots of love,

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