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This giveaway is for Dutchies only, sorry!

Yes, you’re reading it right! I’m giving away a 75 euros giftcard to spend at CoolCat! Ain’t that cool?!
Remember me and my sister went to the CoolCat event a couple of weeks ago where I picked an outfit (which I got to keep) and got photographed by a professional photographer? Well, now it’s your turn!

Well, here’s what you’ll need to do in order to WIN!

1. Go to the CoolCat webshop by clicking HERE.
2. Pick three items of which your favorite CoolCat look consists.
3. Place the links of these three items from CoolCat underneath this blogpost.

Last but not least: Don’t forget to drop your name and e-mail adress underneath this blogpost and to follow me on Bloglovin’.

Good luck to all of you! This contest runs until June 16th!


CoolCat is Cool, Sexy, Loud and Fun and that’s exactly what represents their clothing. Their slogan is ‘You’ve got it, now show it!’, something you can achieve by wearing CoolCat. Their pieces kinda remind me of Rihanna; daring, sexy and very beautiful. Their collections are inspired by music scene, so I think it’s not that strange that it reminds me of R&B queen Rihanna ;)

You should really check out this video for a little inspiriation!

Lots of love,

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