ModeMusthaves gift fashion blogger name team number tee t-shirt tank top Red Reiding Hood Rowan

Hands down the coolest gift I ever got: This number tank top from ModeMusthaves with my blog’s name on it ánd my lucky number! Go team RRH! How freaking cool is that?! When this package came in two days ago my first thought was: ‘Did I order something from ModeMusthaves?’. I couldn’t remember ordering something, which raised my curiosity. So I immediately opened the package in front of my parents. Well, I think they’ve never seen such a big smile on my face before. Can you imagine how cool it is to unexpectedly find a tee with your blog’s name on it? But that’s not nearly all! I also got a pair of very cool mirrored shades and a cute ModeMusthaves tote bag. It all came with the sweetest note of the ModeMusthaves team, thank you girls!

Stay tuned for outfit posts, because I’ve got a new favorite tee ;)

Lots of love,

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