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Outfit fashion blogger streetstyle barcelona city model black ebay crystal bra KO knock off zara skort ray-ban

Outfit details fashion blogger wearing streetstyle leather cowboy bag sacha shoes zara skort black nails barcelona

outfit details fashion blogger wearing statement jewellery jewelry comegetfashion studio ruig leather

outfit details close-up model make up big smile big lips beautiful messy hair rock chick crystal bra ray-ban wayfarer

 Crystal Bra: via Ebay
Top: Zara
Skort: Zara
Sandals: Mellow Yellow (via Sarenza)
Jewellery: ComeGetFashion
Bag: Sacha Shoes
Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Seems like my Crystal Bra made it’s first appearance on the Barcelona Boulevard. Kind of a cool location to get shown off for the very first time, right? I’m still in Barcelona as we speak, but I’m flying back tomorrow. Cry! Luckily I heard the weather is pretty good in my hometown as well, so that kind of heals the pain.

Lots of love,

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