As I already promised you guys on my Facebook page that I will ‘vlog’ more often, I decided to do another outfit in motion video. Since it started raining we had to wrap it up real quickly, so it’s just a short video. Consider it as a preview, since the outfit pictures will be up tomorrow! Next vlog will be longer, promise! Speaking about next vlogs: What would you like to see me vlog about? Think about shoplogs, how I do my make up, meet the boyfriend, Q&A, silly stuff.. doesn’t matter! Just name it and I’m considering it! I like a challenge, so don’t be afraid to say something crazy, haha!

Anyways, it might be well worthy to follow my YouTube channel from now on. It’s still kind of under construction, but we’ll get there ;)

Lots of love,

Ps: As you could see I’m wearing a Sacha bag in this video, which I got to carry around my camera and all my other stuff at the Extrema Outdoor festival, which I will be attending with my boyfriend next saturday. So excited!

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