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 Flipflops / Slippers: Havaianas (via Spartoo Schoenen)

Yep, just when the sun decided to hide it’s face for a little while, I decide to finally get myself (and the boyfriend) a pair of decent flipflops. It’s some kind of disease: I also buy wintercoats when it’s 30 degrees outside. Crazy, right? Oh well, if the sun decided to stay away for a long time, I think these Havainas flipflops are the perfect excuse to book ourselves a little suntrip ;)

Anyway. I always used to buy flipflops for 2 euros or so at a cheap stores, because I thought all flipflops are made of the same shit (sorry for the language). I just discovered that’s absolutely NOT true. These Havaianas are made of a much better quality than those 2 euro ‘shit’flops. The sole for instance is much thicker and not filled with air. The cheap ones are filled with some sort of air, which already manages to escape after two walks. This resulted in my feet hurting from all the little stones I could feel through the soles and in  my boyfriend having a severe backache. That all belongs to the past now, since I can’t imagine that will happen with Havaianas. They’re totally worth the money. I think they will last a lot longer than the shitflops, so eventually it will cost me less. Hooray!

Oh and TGIF! What are you up to this weekend?

Lots of love,

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