Team RRH Red Reiding Hood les artists modemusthaves number t-shirt tee musthave KO knock off inspired leopard ponyhair pumps skort

Streetstyle fashion blogger ghetto graffiti design tattoo les artists team spirit tee number t-shirt ModeMusthaves Zara skort all black everything

ModeMusthaves blogger t-shirt les artists inspired design team Red Reiding Hood tee black zwart messy hair peace all black

De krantenkapper temporary tattoo bumblebee humblebee hommel bee design ankle placing animal print leopard ponyhair pumps heels manfield


Tee: ModeMusthaves
Skort: Zara
Shoes: Manfield
Temporary Tattoo: De Krantenapper

‘Team RRH for the win!’  You’ve already seen this supercool T-shirt which I got as a gift from the sweet girls of ModeMusthaves in my shoplog. It really feels cool walking around with your blog’s name on your back; like it’s a brand! I wonder how many people who see me strolling around town wearig this tee actually think Red Reiding Hood is some kind of cool brand. Can you imagine: People searching the internet for their own Red Reiding Hood tee.. LOL, keep dreaming, Rowan.

Anyway, I decided to combine it with my (and every other blogger’s) beloved Zara skort. To spice it up I added a pair of leopard ponyhair heels ánd this Temporary Tattoo from De Krantenkapper. I absolutely love their designs; bumblebees (like I’m wearing in these pictures), anchors, diamonds, flamingos and so much more. You should really check out their webshop! Very useful if you’re considering a real tattoo (like I do), but are not sure about the design/placing yet. I already learned something about the placing: I would like it more on the ankle. This is too high. Luckily it just washes off ;)

Lots of love,

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