’12, as for 2012? Yep: France 2012. This footage was taken during my holiday in France last year. I was daydreaming about the beautiful south of France yesterday, when I realized we shot a shitload of videos last year, but never did anything with them. Such a waste! I usually hate editing, but this time it was kind of fun. Why? Because it was the perfect way to reminisce a (almost) perfect holiday. I mostly did this for me and my family, but I thought it would be fun to share it with you as well. Featured in this film are (besides me) my boyfriend, my sister, my father and a little bit of my mother (she managed to avoid the lens most of the time). You’ll see a lot of food and bits of  Millau, Montpellier and of course the campsite. I also just had to share the footage I took when our car broke down (after getting robbed, but being able to hold the thief, the day before) and we ended up in the most boring hotel ever. Nice if you need a good laugh ;)

Anyways. I hope you like it! I’m probably going to work on a what’s inside my bag vlog this week. So stay tuned. Have you already seen my shoplog? What do you think?

And do you want more of la France? Check my photography posts from last year HERE and HERE.

Lots of love,

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