Today’s vlog is a shoplog. I’m showing you everything I got in the past three/four weeks. I ordered some stuff online at H&M, but I also went to Zara in Barcelona and I got the sweetest gift from ModeMusthaves. What’s more? Just watch the video :)

Since my latest vlog, I told you that I planned on vlogging more often. I also asked you what you’d like to see next, many of you said that you would like a shoplog. So here it is! My very first shoplog ever. To be honest: It felt like I was talking to myself, so I felt a bit awkward. That awkwardness led to some linguistic errors, like wrong grammar use or pronounciations. I really think I’ve just got to get used to this. When I do this more often, it will probably become less awkward. I’ve also got to work on my vidoe skills in general, since at one point my face becomes superblurry, so sorry for that! I know now that I’ve got to check if it’s in focus every single time.

So, what did YOU think of this video? What about the length? A bit too long, isn’t it? Did you like the subject? Any tips for improvement? Or any suggestions for my next video? How I do my make-up, meet the boyfriend, 20 things you didn’t know about me.. Anything! Just name it and I’m considering it :)

Lots of love,

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