ZARA A/W '13 CAMPAIGN women lookbook pictures outfits lingerie dresses hats leather jackets

ZARA A/W '13 CAMPAIGN women lingerie dresses checkered checked fedora hat wide rim lookbook

ZARA A/W '13 CAMPAIGN chalk pencil strope coat jacket long oversized boyfriend women belt leather lookbook

ZARA A/W '13 CAMPAIGN scuba clean shaded cuts minimalistic women lookbook

ZARA A/W '13 CAMPAIGN TRF lookbook grungy checks checkered skinny trousers pants lumberjack coat leather peplum silver

You’ve probably seen these images everywhere over the internet yet, but I just had to share them with you. Why? Because I think I’ve never fallen so in love with a lookbook as the Zara A/W ’13 campaign, both women ánd TRF. I’m not showing you every picture, only my very favorites. For more you should visit their website.

I love nearly everything. Wearing lingerie dresses during daylight? To be honest this has always been one of my desires. I’ve seen (and also own one) so many beautiful lingerie dresses in my life, and I always thought it was such a waste these gorgeous babies didn’t come out of the bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I came across an article of Victoria Beckham wearing a Louis Vuitton lingerie-ish dress to the Wimbledon finale on ilovefashionnews. The article was written in kind of a negative way, saying that she went out wearing a night gown. I completely disagreed! She looked fabulous! I think my love for lingeriedresses really started when I saw Blair Waldorf giving Chuck a sexy dance wearing her lingeriedress. She looked so Blair Waldorf elegant, but classy in the same time. So yeah, big thumbs up for the lingerie dresses. As soon as they hit stores, they’re mine! I would totally wear it with a hat, like the models do.
Another thing I love is the pencil stripe coat in combination with the belt. I also love the stiff fabrics used in the second to last pic. The only part I don’t like from the women campaign are the long shapeless flower dresses: Granny dresses in my opinion.
The first four pictures are from Zara’s women campaign, only the last picture is from the TRF campaign. I like the other pictures as well, but the styling not so much: A bit too busy, grungy and too much ‘netpanties’. This outfit is something I’d totally wear myself as well though. Those skinny checkered pants are love at first sight, I love the contrast with the oversized lumberjacket and of course I love the leather peplum top. Perfect styling to me!

Lots of love,

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