Red Reiding Hood: Calvin Klein jewellery Pepe Jeans london photobooth fun The Big U 6

Red Reiding Hood: Drykorn outfit fashion blogger it-coat beanie styling unlimited PR the big u 6

Red Reiding Hood: Styling Drykorn it-coat Unlimited PR The Big U 6 blogger event

Red Reiding Hood: UGG Australia blogger event customized Swarovski crystals Unlimited PR

Red Reiding Hood: M.A.C. Cosmetics wheel of fortume make-up demo The Big U 6 blogger event M.A.C. cosmetics

Red Reiding Hood: Fashion blogger event M.A.C. cosmetics Amsterdam Flavio face demo lip demo Unlimited PR

Red Reiding Hood: Blogger meet-up Amsterdam fashion blogger event The Big U 6 Unlimited PR

Red Reiding Hood: Unlimited PR The Big U 6 blogger event instagram Frecious Slowjuice

Red Reiding Hood: Sennheiser momentum on-ear pink green blue colors headphones Unlimitd PR the big U 6

Photos by Unlimited PR and me

Last wednesday I attended one of the best Blogger Events of Dutchland: The Big U 6 hosted by PR agency Unlimited PR. I’m always so excited to go there ’cause I know three things; I will be in good company, the coolest brands will be represented and there’s so much good food and drinks. How could I say ‘no’ to that? ;)

So what are you looking at?

1: Probably my favorite part of the day: photobooths! I just LOVE photoboots. Boothnation provided U-pr with the coolest photobooth I can imagine, it featured a ‘Beyoncé-effect’: a windmachine! Anyway, the purpose of this photobooth was to style your favorite Pepe Jeans (right) garments and Calvin Klein (left) jewellery. For the first assignment I decided to rock Pepe Jeans’ camobag, camoscarf and these very cool gold studded leather gloves. For the second shoot I picked a black Calvin Klein watch and necklace and act like I was some kind of superstar. Yeah, I was pretty much in my element there. Probably because I just felt so pretty by wearing these gorgeous pieces of jewellery. 2+3:  We were asked to style an outfit with Drykorn’s it-coat of the season and a few other Drykorn garments of our choice. Because the coat already is very pretty and lady-like I decided to style the rest of it more boy-ish. Véry boy-ish actually, since the shirt actually is from the men’s collection. The pants are from the women’s collection though. The boots are mine and they just happened to be a great match with the coat. As a final touch I put on this gorgeous cream/black Drykorn beanie. All done! 4: We got to personalize a pair of UGG Australia mini boots with Swarovski stones. How cool is that?! 5+6: M.A.C. Cosmetics let us spin the wheel of fortune in order to win one of the many cool treatments they offer. I won the face demo, so M.A.C.’s flavio gave me the best contours I ever had. He also gave me a lip demo, because he just couldn’t resist, LOL. 7: Waiting in line for our UGG boots to get personalized. 8: Talking instagram with mister Frecious Slowjuice. 9: I just lóóóóve these Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones. I’m in such a desperate need of new headphones, mine are close to dying, but unfortunately I didn’t win the music Bingo: Cry!

As you can see I had a great day at Unlimited PR, thanks for having me! Can’t wait for the next edition!

Lots of love, Rowan

PS: HURRY HURRY, you can still win a pair of Invito boots worth 100 euros! Enter here!

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