Isbael Marant pour H&M Favorites slouchy ankle boots leather pants lace sidesIsabel Marant x H&M picks fluffy hairy oversized sweater black skinny coated pants Isabel Marant pour H&M Favorites oversized white basic tank top tee t-shirt round low cut hem Isabel Marant pour H&M Aztec belt white jeans aztec sides

You’ve probably already seen all the images of the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection (if you didn’t check them all out HERE), but I thought it would be fun to share my Isbael Marant X H&M faves with you.  There was so much more I like, but budget-wise (this probably still is way too much) I made myself pick my very very veeery favorites. So yep, these are the items I would want the most. I just need those basics, no doubt. I already told you how hard it is to find the perfect basics earlier this week and that when you dó find them you should buy them, so I think I just have to get these. And the shoes, óh the shoooeees. Do I need to say more? I mean, who doesn’t want those?! The leather trousers are really high on my wishlist as well. I love the sides! And that fluffy/hairy sweater, OMG! The black coated biker pants are very cool as well, just like the white jeans with the Aztec print on the sides. Last but not least is the multicolored Aztec belt. I think it would look great with an all black ensemble.

Since you can already find the prices as well (in Euro’s HERE and in pounds HERE), I calculated what my wishlist will cost (without the coated pants and white jeans, since I couldn’t find the prices for those): 641,85 euros. Ehm.. Houston, we’ve got a problem. Mostly because of the pants (249 euros) and the shoes (199 euros). If I ditch those two, it will cost me 193,85 euros. But I don’t want to! Maybe, I’ll wait for those two to hit the salesrecks, praying that they will..

Which are your favorites?

Lots of love,

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