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I hear you thinking: Isn’t this a fashion blog? Yes it is, but besides fashion I also love food, and since this blog is about, well ‘me’, I really wanted to share this with you.

Just recently I discovered something great: HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a service that delivers fresh ingredients to prepare 3 or 5 healthy, delicious and easy and quick to prepare meals, right at your doorstep. Pretty handy when you don’t have time or just don’t want to cook. Or just as a great surprise for by example your beloved mother :) The price for a 3 meals package for four persons (like the one I got) is 59 euros, which equals 4,92 euros per person. On top of that HelloFresh now offers a discount of 20 euros by entering the code: HFZOMER20. Already interested? Click HERE to order your box right now or just keep reading for my (great!) experience with HelloFresh!

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I heard about HelloFresh before and already was very curious about this concept, so when I was asked to try out their service I was overjoyed. When the doorbell rang, me and my mom (who was just as excited as I) sprinted to the door, signed for the (HUGE!) HelloFresh box and immediately ripped it open. All of the products were very cool, since HelloFresh is delivered by some sort of fridge on wheels. Inisde we found  a lot of fresh and tasty looking foodies ánd a recipe book. This recipe book tells you how to prepare the 3 or 5 (depends on what you choose) meals of your HelloFresh box. I got the 3 meals box containing: Summery pastasalad with green pesto and baked chicken, sweet potato-carrotsoup with fetapackages and hakefilet with white coal and suriname rice. We decided to start with the pastasalad, which was very easy to prepare (see picture underneath) ánd supertasty! Just like all the other meals by the way. Wanna know a secret? We didn’t tell my father, who hates carrot, that the soup of the second meal contained carrot and guess what: He liked it! He actually liked it so much he asked for more! I can conclude my whole family enjoyed the HelloFresh box. Especially my mom, who loves cooking and trying new stuff food-wise. This made me think a HelloFresh box would make a great gift for your mom’s birthday or any other occasion that needs celebration ;)

My conclusion: Since I hate going grocery shopping, HelloFresh really is the solution for people like me. Also I never manage to decide what to eat (that is when my parents aren’t home of course), also: HelloFresh to the rescue. Plus, I don’t like standing in the kitchen for hours. So when I’ve got te prepare myself a meal, I usually opt for a heat-and-serve pizza from the supermarkt feeling fat afterwards. No need for feeling bad of yourself when it comes to HelloFresh meals, since they’re all superhealthy. Did you know they even have a so called ‘Topsportbox’ and a ‘Veggiebox’? You do now ;)

Have I a convinced you and do you want to try out the amazing service from HelloFresh yourself? Then click HERE and order your box with a discount of 20 euros right now!

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