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Nike came up with yet another musthave shoe (seems like I just ‘need’ all of their shoes, it’s a sickness I guess): The Nike Free Bionic. It’s specially designed for training. They came up with the idea for designing the perfect trainings shoe because of the popularity of NTC: Nike Training Club. Do you use the NTC app? I occiasonelly use Nike+ Kinect which offers you a great workout as well. An even better one, since the App can’t see if you’re doing your moves right. The game does and keeps on correcting you. I will tell you more about my Nike+ Kinect experience on my soon to be launched new blog, which I will be running together with my sis-in-law. No worries, it’s not going to be a replacement of Red Reiding Hood, it’s going to be an extra blog of another part of my (and my sis-in-law’s) life. Will keep you updated, I hope to air it next week.

Anywayyyyy.. Ontopic: These shoes wouldn’t be amazing for running only, but also for daily wear. I could already think of tons of different outfits with these babies. That’s why I decided to ‘just do it’: I ordered them at Sarenza and I can’t wait for these sneakers to arrive at my door! Come to mamma!

Lots of love,

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