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I’m wearing Nike Free Run Sneakers (via Spartoo Schoenen)

Today’s post is about something totally different. Something not fashion at all. Okay, maybe a little, since I also developed a weakness for nice activewear. It took me quite a long time to convince myself that sharing this part of my life with you, my devoted blog readers, was a good idea. At first I thought you wouldn’t be very interested, since you’re here for fashion. But I noticed that the thing you like most about my YouTube vlogs is the personal part: Getting to know me better. I also noticed that you love reading my About Page.   And I like to show more of me to you as well, since I’m more than just a mannequin ;) So yeah, what the hell! Why not?

So I’m going to talk with you about another one of my passions; a passion I’ve been neglecting for quite a while. This passion of mine is called ‘running’. Don’t get the wrong idea here: I’m not an athlete or something, not at all, but I just enjoy running. And that’s why I’ve missed it like hell the past couple of months. Somehow I became busy and lazy after I ran a 10 kilometers run in my hometown called ‘Loop Leeuwarden’. I started to feel unhealthy and not satisfied, slightly unhappy. I just started running again though and I immediately felt better. I made a deal with myself and my running budy this time: I’m in it for the long run. That doesn’t mean I’m going to run a marathon, but it does mean I’m going to keep up with it for mare than half a year now, more like.. Forever!

So yes, I want to talk with you about these sort of subjects every now and then, but since I don’t want it to be ‘too much’, I also started another blog together with my very active sister-in-law, Susan, who truly is a great inspiration to me. She’s like an example to me and many others, as I’ve seen with my own eyes. Our blog, Fitsters in law, is written in Dutch though. It would be great if you could take a look by clicking HERE and tell us what you think!

So, now I’m curious? Do you run as well? Or are you maybe devoted to another sport?

Lots of love,

Ps: Oh, and yes: That’s me in the picture ;)

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