RED REIDING HOOD: People Behind The Mirror ede bert de zeeuw beauty bloggers event goodiebag kerastase cloud nine rimmel london

RED REIDING HOOD: hair beauty event people behind the mirror cloud nine original wand kerastase rimmel unboxing goodiebag

Last tuesday was thé day: My very first beauty event. I was invited to come to a (very nice, may I say) hair salon called People Behind The Mirror, in Ede (a Dutch city). I brought my niece, Meral, with me. When we arrived at the train station I discovered that my blogger buddy, Jennie, was there as well. Yay! The event started with Bert de Zeeuw, owner from People Behind The Mirror, showing us (on a lovely model called Jill) how to curl our hair with a curling iron from Cloud Nine. After that it was our turn: We got to curl our own hair with a little (or in my case, a lot) help of the experts, while sipping champagne. Afterwards we got our make-up done by Rimmel make up artists. I absolutely loved the lipstick/gloss they used for me. Since I’ve got quite full lips the lady who helped me thought it would be a waste to not use a very colorful lipstick for me. So she used a dark pink-ish color from their Apocalips line. When everybody got their hair and make-up done it was time for a group photo. CHEESE! After the photo we chatted a little more (seriously, everybody was so nice and fun!) and ended up leaving the building with the best goodiebags ever! Not only did I get a supernice mascara from Rimmel, hairproducts (that actually smell like hair salons) from Kérastase and a voucher for a free haircut at People Behind The Mirror. No, I also got my very own Cloud Nine curling iron: The Original Wand. Wooooow! I felt (and still feel) so lucky! I always thought I sucked in curling my own hair, but curling my hair with this awesome piece of technology is so easy! Would you like me to do a how-to-use-it vlog about this particular curling iron? Speaking of vlogs: Jennie made a video about the whole event, which also includes a lot of me (Being silly with Jennie). Thought it would be fun to share this with you guys, so here you go!

Lots of love,

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