RED REIDING HOOD: Streetstyle shirt tied around waist tartan plaid blouse The Sting jeans fashion blogger outfit

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing leather jacket The Sting skinny lift jeans tartan plaid checks shirt

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger outfit wearing tartan blouse tied around waist trend streetstyle look

RED REIDING HOOD: Rock chic fashion blogger style shirt tied around waist fashion week streetstyle The Sting jeans leather

RED REIDING HOOD: Outfit details tartan plaid checked shirt tied around waist The Sting jeans denim look fashion blogger streetstyle

RED REIDING HOOD: Outfit details Mango white wedge heels pointy shoes streetstyle fashion blogger wearing


Jeans: The Sting (HERE)
Tartan shirt: The Sting (HERE)
Leather jacket: H&M (old) (similar HERE)
Bag + Scarf: Shop Affaire
Shoes: Mango
Bracelet: Bandhu

What is it with those jeans from The Sting and making you look thin?! They don’t advertise with slimming jeans, but they sure could, since this is the second jeans (remember my first pair of ‘magic’ jeans?) in which I think ‘Damn girl, you’ve got some legs!’, while I usually think ‘Damn girl, you should go to the gym more often’. So  I’m not sure if the designers do this on purpose, but I give them a BIG thumbs up for creating my fave denim!

That’s not the only thing I want to thank them for though: They also managed to create the perfect tartan shirt! I discovered that it’s pretty hard to find the perfect fit in the perfect color of the perfect fabric tartan shirt. But I found it, again at The Sting! You can’t really see the great fit now, since I tied it around my waist, but stay tuned for more!

Anyway, if you like those jeans from The Sting as much as I do, you’d better check the blog tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY! Yes, yes! That’s right: You can win a pair of self-called ‘magic jeans’ from The Sting. So come back tomorrow!

Lots of love,

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