RED REIDING HOOD: Kapsalon kapper haarstudio glamm before after voor na new haircut messy hair don't care bob short hairdo highlights blond

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger model messy hair don't care short chop blond bob

RED REIDING HOOD: Short bobline haircut hairdo volume messy hair don't care fashion blogger model edgy

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger short chop haircut bobline hairdo messy hair don't care volume

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest might have already figured I wanted to get a new haircut, since I repinned lots of messy bob hairstyles. Since I already chopped quite a lot of my hair off before, I decided to just go for it. But I won’t let just any one touch my hair. No, only my trusted hairdressers, Aly Marij and Jamuna, from haarstudio Glamm in Leeuwarden are allowed to touch my hair.

“Only the ladies from haarstudio Glamm are allowed to touch my hair!”

I still remember how much I hated going to the hairdresser before I discovered Glamm. I never was satisfied and I always felt like I looked like a fool when I walked out of the salon. Because of that I always used to wait way too long before I got my hair cut again, what resulted in walking around with a stroke of dead hair for a couple of months. So when I finally discovered a hairdresser who completely understood what I wanted I was so so soooo happy! She’s not one of those hairdressers who thinks a centimer equals three centimeters, but she also isn’t afraid to touch it. What she does is just perfect. At that time Aly Marij ran the salon all by herself, because she only wanted the very best for her costumers. And the very best is what you get: your hair gets washed (while laying in a massage chair), you’ll get the perfect haircut (she won’t stop until your fully satistified) and your hair gets styled with only the best products. All this you get for a fair price (way cheaper than a hairdresser in the ‘Randstad’ for sure). It took Aly Marij a couple of years to find the perfect colleague who met her high standards: Jamuna. And I’ve got to admit: Jamuna is just as great as Aly Marij!

“I was só happy when I finally found a hairdresser who completely understood what I wanted!”

So because of their expertise,  a couple of months ago I decided to chop quite a long part of my hair off (remember?). And I never felt sorry! I’ve got so much more volume now! Plus they absolutely understood what I meant with ‘messy hair don’t care’. So when I got intrigued by messy bobs through Pinterest, I decided to just go for it. I just know for sure Aly Marij and Jamuna would never ever mess up my hair. So here it is: The results! I absolutely love it!

“I decided to just go for the messy bob!”

Let me know what you think of my new haircut! And if you live near Leeuwarden (or are willing to make a drive for a good hairdresser) make sure to get a haircut at Haarstudio Glamm in Leeuwarden. You won’t leave disappointed. Promise!

Oh, and it would be awesome if you could like their Facebook page as well!

Lots of love,

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