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Yay, I got myself a new toy last saturday: The Sony Xperia Z1. My iPhone 4 pretty much died and I was so fed up with it, that I decided to jump off the Apple band wagon  (sorry Apple lovers). My experience with the iPhone wasn’t that great. My iPhone 4 was superslow, the apps crashed all the time, my hold button broke and the camera was poor quality. In my opinion iPhones are kind of overpriced. The specs of the Sony Xperia Z1 are amazing, but it’s so much cheaper than the newest iPhone. The first reason why I wanted the Xperia Z1 was because it’s waterproof: How freaking cool is that?! I can totally imagine myself making movie/photos in the pool or something like that. Plus, there’s no need to get a panic attack when you accidentaly drop your phone in the toilet (yep, that once happened to me). Next to that it’s got a great processor, which means it’s pretty fast. This is such a relief! No app crashes anymore and Facebook actually loads! Last but not least: The camera is great! Really really great! It’s got a 20.7 megapixel f 2.0 camera, which means it also takes nice pictures in bad light circumstances. So do you already follow me on instagram (@RedReidingHood), because the pictures are probably going to be a lot of better!

By the way, this isn’t an advertorial or something, I’m just a super happy costumer and wanted to share this with you :)

Oh, and I still need a case or flip cover. Any suggestions?

Lots of love,

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