RED REIDING HOOD: Xmas Christams ideas for her girls BFF best friend beauty asos urban outfitters


1. Open Hand Jewellery Holder, Asos
2. Matte Blotting Paper, NYX, Asos (I feel like this is going to be a lifesaver for my oily skin!)
3. Models Own Neon 5 Piece Brush Set, Asos
4. Glow In The Dark Nail Set (Would be great for going out on New Year’s Eve!)
5. Hey Girl Notebook, Urban Outfitters (Oh la la, gimme some Ryan Gosling to carry around!)
6. Tangle Teezer Chrome Compact Detangling Brush, Asos (Believe me, it’s a lifesaver!)
7. Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge, Asos
8. Collapsible Powderbrush, Babyliss, Nelly
9. Carhartt Bobble Watch Beanie, Asos
10. NARS Highlighter Blush Powder, Asos (pleeeeeaaase Santa, this is the best of the best!)
11. Couture Jewellery Organiser, Urban Outfitters
12. Kabuki Brush, Une, Nelly
13. Christmas Jumper Nails – Reindeer, Asos
14. Faux Fur Cow Mittens with Leather Cuff, Asos
15. TIGI bed head Sugar Rush gift set, ASOS (I know from experience that this gives even the flattest hair, like mine, volume)
16. Mini Lip Bullet, Topshop
17. Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm, Asos (I love everything with coconut flavour!)


It’s December, so I think I’m officialy allowed to shart sharing my Christmas wishlists! All I want for Xmas is this! Or no, not really: I mean, there’s so much more (unafforadble stuff) I want! Bút I wouldn’t mind getting this! And I think other girls wouldn’t mind getting this as well, so you could consider this as a gift guide for her as well. I might inspire you!

Would you like to get anything of this underneath the Christmas trea as well? ;) Oh, and stay tuned for more gift ideas!

Lots of love,

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