RED REIDING HOOD: Helsinki preperations warm cosy outfit turtleneck Ugg boots hat scarf knitwear

RED REIDING HOOD: UGG Australia limited edition metallic boots grey van den assem store

My trip to Helsinki is already coming close (December 21st), yay! This also means I’m already starting my preperations, because.. well, I’m a woman and we women need to plan everything. I want to make sure I’ve got enough warm clothing, since it’s quite cold in Helsinki during this time of the year. Chances are high it’s going to be freezing outside when we arrive.

First thing I thought of were a pair of warm boots to keep my feet warm. Cold toes are so annoying!  Of course I immediately thought of UGGs, so I got myself a new pair at Van den Assem, a Dutch shoestore. Not just any kind though, I got myself the UGG Australia Classic Metallic Patent Boots in silver grey, which are exclusively available at Van den Assem (plus they are on sale now!). They are unique, because of the silver patch, but not too-much: Just the way I like it! I already gave them a ‘testdrive’ and boy oh boy, they’re so warm and comfy! These are going to be lifesavers in Helsinki!

Another musthave is a big knitted turtleneck sweater. I already have this one from Issue 1.3, which I bought last year, but I’m not entirely satisfied about it. I bought it as a knock off of the famous Hope Grand sweater, which was way too expensive back then. It’s in sale at Nelly now though, so I’m really thinking about getting it anyway. I mean, I kind of need it now that I’m going to Helsinki, right? ;)

I will also be needing a big knitted scarf, check! I knitted this one myself two years ago and I’m so glad I did. I absolutely love this baby!

Also important: Keeping my head from getting cold. That’s where UGG comes to the rescue again: I got this UGG aviator hat last year and it keeps my head superwarm! Again, check!

Last but not least: warm gloves. I don’t have the perfect warm gloves yet, but I can make a combo though. I won these fingerless mohair gloves from Maison Martin Margiela last year, but since they’re fingerless they won’t stop my fingers from freezing. I could wear my long leather gloves underneath though, but still: Not perfect. So I’ll probably need to get myself a new pair. So I saw these faux fur cow print mittens with leather cuffs at ASOS and I absolutely love them. I might get these as well!

Conclusion: Helsinki I’m (almost) ready for you! Excited!

Lots of love,

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