I decided to start doing weekly instagram diaries, starting from today: These are all of my instagram pics from last week. As you can see I’m quite in the Christmas mood already ;)
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1. I finally mastered the art of overnight oatmeal! It’s delicious if you do it right! I put 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 2/3 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup of greek yoghurt, 2 tsps chia seeds, 2 tsps flax seeds, some goji berries, some blueberries and a bit of honey in the fridge for the night and this is what comes out in the morning. I only added some more blueberries. Done!


2. Love the Christmas decoration at the trainstation of my hometown, Leeuwarden. Makes me happy!


3. I ran in to one of my besties on my way to Amsterdam, such a coincindence!

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4. My auntie made sushi for her birthday last saturday, nomnomnom!


5. Went Christmas shopping at Intratuin yesterday and spotted this fish for in the christmas tree, how cute!


6. Miss Etam, was kind enough to send me a Christmas box filled with lovely treats! So sweet!


7. Went to a Christmas shopping event from Mooi PR last friday and had drinks at Lion Noir with fellow bloggers Jennie and Diana afterwards.


8. My very own Christmas tree, yay!


9. My sister (follow her on instagram at @o_kayleigh) and one of our cats. I love these cuties!


10. At L’Occitane during Mooi PR’s Christmas shopping event. Love the goodiebag we got!


11. I finally did it: I ordered the famous Hope Grand sweater at Nelly in dark grey!


12. Got this delicious Jil Sander perfume as a Christmas gift from the sweet team of BlogToday!


13. At the Paris2Day event together with my sis-in-law (from the blog Fitsters in Law) last thursday.


14. Selfie in the train with my sister when we went to Amsterdam for a shopping session last saturday.


15. I bought some nice vintage items at the C4C vintag sale last saturday. The concept was to fill one bag (no limits!) for 15 euros. So when we got handed a bag at the entry, we (and many other people) assumed this was THE bag. So we squeezed as much in as we could, but at the cash register they put everything in smaller bags and wanted me to pay 60 euros: BYE! So I left with only 3 items in stead of a bag full. Thought this was kind of misleading, too bad!

Lots of love,

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