I wanted to do a 2013 recap just like I did last year (and I might just do it anyway), with my personal favorites, but then I thought: Why not share YOUR favorites based on the statistics? I looked in to my Google Analytics statistics and checked which outfits of mine were most viewed in 2013. You know what’s funny? The most viewed posts of 2013 aren’t per se from the year 2013. Number six is from december 2012! You probably loved it so much that you viewed it even in 2013. That’s amazing!

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My comments on this top 10:
Anyway, most of the times I understand why posts are viewed so much, but to be honest I really don’t get number two, LOL. Not because it’s an ugly outfit, but probably because we took these pictures in a hurry, just because I desperately needed some outfit pictures. Kind of surreal that such a ‘quickie’ became so popular.
I do understand number one though, I really love that one as well. Mostly because I was so in shape at that moment. WTF! When did I become such a fat fuck again? :P Haha, just kidding, but I did gain some weight lately. Time for a new year so I can start living by my good resolutions (Stay tuned for a video about that!).
I really love that you guys like number three so much, because that is my ABSOLUTE favorite as well! This one is doing great on Pinterest as well by the way ;)
I also like that you loved number four so much, I’m wearing my favorite boots in that one! I also guess, plus the Isabel Marant-ish, that those are the reason for the popularity of this post
Well, it’s kind of obvious why you were all so eager to see number five: Probably because I wasn’t wearing that much, LOL. And maybe, just maybe, because it’s a nice bathing suit ;)
Number six is, like I told you before, an oldie but a goodie. I like the layering-thing I did here, but my hair though! Wow, it’s so weird to see myself with long hair again! I’m so used to my short haircut now.
Number seven: Mwah, nice but not amazing in my opinion. Plus I absolutely HATE my hair in that one. What did you like so much about this one, haha?
The happiness probably did the trick for number eight, right?
Number nine! Another so not expected one! I remember being in doubt about taking these pictures. I was strolling around the city with a friend of mine and figured I needed new outfit pictures, bút I was wearing my Uggs, which by some is considered a big fashion flatter. Not with you guys, though! This one also is very popular on Pinterest.
Last but so not least: Number 10. I’m so glad that you liked this one so much. I do as well! It kind of reminds me of having to wear that sweater again, it’s perfect!

I’d love to hear your comments on this top 10!

RED REIDING HOOD: Ripped skinny jeans Mango all black everything pointy wedges rock chick outfit recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Blue oversized knitted turtleneck knitwear H&M leather skirt studded biker boots fashion blogger outfit recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger outfit all black everything leather floppy fedora hat H&M New Icons model off duty streetstyle

RED REIDING HOOD: Black and red outfit fashion blogger wearing thigh high leather boots over the knee Anna Dello Russo shoes Isabel Marant

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing crochet bathing suit Mango beach wear model recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Rock chick dark outfit Charlotte Kan wrap shirt skirt over the knee thigh high leather boots Anna Dello Russo H&M winter layers edgy recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing green mohair turtleneck sweater tapered leather pants Mango recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Play Dirty Cool Cat cap festival outfit jeans leather shorts slouchy knee boots Kate Moss

RED REIDING HOOD: Comfortable baggy jeans outfit oversized dark edgy rock chick fashion blogger Uggs leather jacket recap 2013

RED REIDING HOOD: Sporty chic outfit fashion blogger wearing Nike sweater black leather leggings heels


Lots of love,

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