RED REIDING HOOD: Outfit scandinavian fashion blogger Elin Kling wearing Hope Grand Sweater knitwear big warm knitted turtleneck model off duty streetstyle Helsinki

RED REIDING HOOD: Model off duty streetstyle Helsinki scandinavian fashion blogger wrap skirt alexander wang modstrom moonboots vagabond ugg australia hat hope grand sweater

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing Hope Grand Sweater Helsinki Scandinavia streetstyle

RED REIDING HOOD: Black suede sheepskin Moon Boot West East Vagabond high snowboots boots

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing Hope Grand Sweater Nelly dark grey outfit details wrap skirt Alexander Wang modstrom Helsinki

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing UGG Australia aviator flapper hat sheepskin beanie


Turtleneck: Hope Grand Sweater (sold out, but still available in ‘black’. Similar cheaper one HERE)
Wrap skirt: Modström (HERE)
Hat: UGG Australia (HERE and HERE)
Snowboots: Moon Boot West East Vagabond High

My very first outfit in Helsinki, ‘Hope in Helsinki’: I’m wearing my beloved Hope Grand Sweater for the very first time in Helsinki. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it. This also was the case for these warm and comfy Moon Boots. These are the shoes I wore the most during my trip in Helsinki. They’re made of sheepskin, which means the outside consist of roughed up sheepskin and the inside consists of the short hairs that remain after a sheep has been shaved. Just to be clear: The sheeps have been slaughtered for consumption and not for their skin! I find this quite important myself.

Anyway, those who follow me on instagram (@RedReidingHood) probably already know I had a blast in Helsinki, but I’ll soon update a vlog about my trip to Helsinki as well. Stay tuned at my YouTube channel!

Lots of love,

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