RED REIDING HOOD: Model off duty wearing blue green outfit H&M Trend mohair sweater plaid tapered trousers mango pointy wedges streetstyle

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing H&M Trend turtleneck mohair sweater chekered tartan plaid tapered pants streetstyle model off duty

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger streetstyle model off duty outfit details isabel marant pour H&M Trend mohair turtleneck sweater plaid

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger outfit details pointy white Mango wedges wedge shoes pumps streetstyle model off duty

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger outfit details model off duty smoky eyes beauty blond messy hair don't care short bob


Turtleneck: H&M Trend (old) (similar in black HERE)
Tank top: Isabel Marant pour H&M
Plaid pants: H&M Trend (old)
Wedges: Mango

Buying this sweater at H&M Trend last winter was one of the best things I ever did. The fabric is amazing! Yep, this is mohair love! It feels so soft and warm, I absolutely love mohair. Just to clarify: Mohair ís angora wool, but it doesn’t come from rabbits. In stead it comes from goats, who just get shaved two times a year for their wool. Nothing painful ;)

Anyway, I decided to pair it with one of my favorite pants, also from H&M Trend: These checkered slash tartan slash plaid (whatever you want to call them) pants, which I bought during my trip to Barcelona last summer. No regrets about that one as well ;)

Oh and yes, these shoes might not have been the best option during these cold days, but hey: You have to suffer to be pretty, right? ;)

Lots of love,

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