RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing all black everything and white outfit model off duty streetstyle patchwork jeans

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing issue 1.3 turtleneck all black everything serious request leeuwarden

RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing CoolCat beanie No Shit slouchy knee boots

RED REIDING HOOD: Black No Shit beanie serious request leeuwarden

RED REIDING HOOD: Outfit details knitted knitwear turtleneck black white patchwork jeans mango fashion blogger model off duty streetstyle

“No Shit” Beanie: CoolCat for Serious Request ’13 (get it HERE)
Coat: Drykorn
Patchwork jeans: Mango
Turtleneck sweater: Issue 1.3 via Nelly (old, but similar and even better one HERE)
Slouchy knee high boots: H&M New Icons

Some of you, especially my Dutch readers, might know that the famous ‘glazen huis’ (glass house) is located in my hometown this year. Three DJs from radio station 3FM are locked in a house made of glass  as we speak so that everybody can see them at all time (except for when they’ve got to use the toilet or sleep of course). Plus they won’t eat all time long. This all started wednesday december 18th and will end december 24th. Why they do this? To collect money to prevent kids in Africa from dying from diarrhea.
When I visited the CoolCat store in Leeuwarden, I saw they sell these ‘No Shit’ (get the link?) beanies for Serious Request, which are available for 12,95 euros each. Their goal is to donate 19.000 euros to Serious Request by selling these beanies. Besides that they also just are awesome! So you might understand why I picked this one up ;)

‘Unfortunately’ I can’t be there the whole time, since I’m flying to Helsinki today (which is pretty f*cking awesome as well!). Will keep you posted about my Helsinki adventures ;) Make sure to follow me on instagram @RedReidingHood.

Lots of love,

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