RED REIDING HOOD: Technomarine watches display Amsterdam Harbour Club

RED REIDING HOOD: TenchnoMarine watches event Saint-Tropez lifestyle Amsterdam

RED REIDING HOOD: Sporty watches TechnoMarine luxury brand event

RED REIDING HOOD: TechnoMarine Silicon all black watch fashion blogger event Amsterdam

RED REIDING HOOD: TechnoMarine sporty watches luxury brand black white event Amsterdam

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RED REIDING HOOD: TechnoMarine watches event Amsterdam Saint-Tropez theme party disco

RED REIDING HOOD: Saint-Tropez party disco event TechnoMarine watches Amsterdam Harbour Club

RED REIDING HOOD: Amsterdam harbour club TechnoMarine event party disco lumious ice cubes cocktails

RED REIDING HOOD: Shots drinks ambiance TechnoMarine watches party Amsterdam Harbour Club event

RED REIDING HOOD: Glowsticks lumious accessoires photobooth TechnoMarine party Amsterdam Harbour Club

RED REIDING HOOD: Photobooth fun glowsticks TechnoMarine event Harbour Club Amsterdam

Last thursday I had the very privelege to be present (among lots of famous and beautiful Dutch people, like stylist Danie Bles) at the presitigious TechnoMarine watches event held in the Amsterdam Harbour Club, one of the best places to throw a party if you ask me. If you follow me on instagram (@RedReidingHood) you probably allready knew ;)

The ambiance was incredible: TechnoMarine choose for a Saint-Tropez theme. The place was covered with neon lights, such as glowsticks in the displays where the wacthes were showed, luminous accessoires for in the photobooth (which was so much fun!) and even flashy lights in the ice cubes of the drinks. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it was!

But most important were of course the watches, which were (like I said before) shown in nicely decorated displays. If it wasn’t for the nice activities, I would have been able to stand there gasping at all the gorgeous watches all night long. TechnoMarine offers so much different styles of watches: From minimalistic and sporty to sparkly and classy. My favorite was a sporty all black watch, shown in the 4th photo, the Cruise Night Vision II. TecnhoMarine advocates a lifestyle inspired by Saint-Tropez, hence the theme of this event. This lifestyle is represented by watches because of their special features, which are for example water resistance or night vision. Quite handy when you go for a dive during the day and party during the night. And did you already know their products are engineered in Geneva? Sounds like quality to me!

I’d like to use these lasts words to thank TechnoMarine for having me. I had a blast and I’m already looking forward to your next party!

Lots of love,

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