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Last sunday, december 8th, I had the honor to be present at the byOni High Fashion Event in my hometown: Leeuwarden, held in the Fries Museum. It was the very first time I went to a fashion related event in my hometown Leeuwarden, where my heart belongs, so this was very special to me. It also was kind of awesome not having to travel hours by train, but just 10 minutes by car (because the bf and I were too lazy to cycle).

Anyway, about the event: Moniek Miedema, founder and designer of byOni, did a great job with this event! She showed three of her collections: Spring/Summer 2014, Autumn/Winter 2014 and a Haute Couture show. I was so excited for that very last one, but unfortunately I suddenly felt extremely nauseous and couldn’t stand properly anymore right before the beginning of the  3rd show, so my boyfriend decided it was best to bring me home. Such a bummer! But to look on the bright side: I’m glad it didn’t happen earlier, so that I didn’t have to miss the entire event and did manage to capture the first two shows.

I was very impressed by the collection. The prints and colors weren’t really my cup of tea, but that’s just because I don’t like colors and frills. What I really liked though were the plain black and white colored items with the perfect cuts. For example check 02:25 on the video: LOVE everything you see there. I would totally wear those suits. Those front cropped jackets were amazing! Another favorite of mine is shown at 04:01, the all black look. Love the hat and blazer! I’ve also fallen in love with the heavy knitted cardigan at 04:25.

So the shows were a big succes, but that’s not everything this evening had to offer: In between the shows different brands of different sorts of goods (glasses, shoes etc.) showed their products. Of course everything was accompanied by delicious drinks and foods.

Great job, Moniek! Thank you for having me!

Lots of love,

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