1. Wood iPhone 5 Case, Jack&Jones, ASOS
2. Polo Ralph Lauren Large Polo Player Trunks, Asos
3. Grumpy Cat book, Urban Outfitters
4. Jack Wills Parker Pen, Asos
5. Denim Wash, Mr Blacks, Asos
6. Neville Clean & Shave Face Wash and Shave Gel
7. Dog Tag, Asos
8. Slim Tie, Asos
9. Classic deo stick, David Beckham, Nelly
10. 3 Pack Cable Knit Boot Socks, Asos (They look so cool worn in mountain boots!)
11. Tartan Lambswool Scarf, Glen Lossie, Nelly
12. Plattan Urbanears headphones, Nelly
13. Lambswool Plain Touch gloves, Glen Lossie, Asos (Very practical, guys love that!)
14. Yard Emery Cap, Oil, Asos
15. Hydra Energetic Cooling Eye, L’Oréal Men Expert, Nelly (He”ll secretly love this!)
16. Carhartt acrylic watch beanie hat, Asos (A musthave for this season, plus we can steal it)
17. 5 pack liner socks, Asos (I hate it when his socks show above his sneakers, this is the solution!)

This always is so hard: Deciding what to give your bf for Christmas. I always find it so hard to look for gifts for boys, but I’ve been searching my ass off and since I think you might find it hard to find something for your boyfriend (or brother) as well, I thought it might be useful to share with you! Here are a few key rules about boys you’ve got to keep in mind: They like practical things (like touch gloves) funny things (my boyfriend loves Grumpy Cat for example), things that improve their image (the musthave Carhartt beanie or a real Parker pen) and they secretly care a lot about looking good (hence the eyeroller. my boyfriend even told me he wanted this!).

Please let me know if this was helpful! Or do you have other ideas? Do share them in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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