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I actually wanted to do this post yesterday, but I was too hungover to blog. Guess my NYE was a little bit too much fun. Oops. Anyway, today’s blog post is something totally different, not fashion related at all, but quite personal. I’m going to talk to you about my New Year’s Resolutions. Not all of them, only the ‘fit’ related ones (if you’d like to hear all of my New Year’s Resolutions, watch the YouTube video I made). All of these resolutions are to get in shape, lose some weight and just feel better. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think I’m fat and I absolutely don’t want to lose a lot. Just 5 kilo’s and I’m extremely satisfied. I also just want to feel fit and energetic.

My 2014 ‘fit’ resolutions:

Run 3 times a week and eventually run the 10 kilometers long ‘Loop Leeuwarden’ (which is a run event held in my hometown), which I did last year as well, but I was stupid enough to quit running after the Loop Leeuwarden. I only ran very occasionaly and very short distances. Such a waist! So I also want to keep on running throughout the whole year! Plus my boyfriend and I booked tickets to New York for early February and we’d love to run in Central Park. It just feels like something you just had to have done in New York. So it would be nice if I could run a bit longer than just 2 kilometers, lol. We might have to cancel our trip to NYC though, because my boyfriend just heard he might have to go on a bussines trip at that exact time. But if that’s the case, we’ll just book tickets again for the end of February or March. Whatever happens, we’re going to The Big Apple. Sooner or later ;)

– So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally accomplish the 30 day squat challenge. I tried it before, but didn’t come further than half way, because my back started to hurt like hell. It made me think that, if I didn’t want to end up with a hernia, I could better stop. I also knew that I probably was doing something wrong, but I didn’t have a clue up on what. I wacthed zillions of YouTube tutorials, but none of them helped me. I felt like I was already doing everything they told me to do: Feet shoulder width apart, making sure my knees didn’t came further than my toes and I even bend pretty low down.ย It really annoyed me, because I desperately wanted to complete the challenge. So I made it my New Year’s resolution, which also meant I had to find a way to master the art of doing a proper squat. So yesterday when it was time to do my very first set of squats (50), since it was January first, I started searching for YouTube tutorials again. And Ladies and Gentleman, I got it! Here’s the perfect tutorial to show you how to do a squat correct. I’m so very thankful for this video. I know now I THOUGHT I was doing my very best to keep my spine straight, but I absolutely didn’t. In my eyes keeping my spine straight equalled keeping it in a 90 degree corner from the floor at all times, which is so wrong! This video shows that eventually your elbows should be right in front of your knees, which indeed is a much more comfortable position. In the end my back did start to hurt again though, and I also know why that happened. I hurried too much with coming back up again, which resulted in wrong spine movements again. You should really take your time for coming up again and really push from your ankles. I hope this video is very helpful for you as well in case you are, just like I was, struggling with doing the perfect squat.

– Hulahoop! My goal for 2014 is to hulahoop every day for at least 15 minutes (which burns belly fat), but preferably more. For example while watching a TV show. Last monday I hulahooped for 30 minutes long while watching The Carrie Diaries. Time flies when you’re watching your favorite TV show ;) I already have a hoop, which I ordered from ebay and is absolutely perfect for me! The right size hoop should come to your belly button or slightly below (like mine) or slightly above. Don’t try hulahooping with a child size hoop, because it just won’t work. You’ll feel like a big failure, while honestly it isn’t you, but the hoop!

Eat healthy. I’m not going to do a heavy diet or count calories or something like that, I’m just going to make healthier decissions. Not just healthy decissions though, I just have to fuel my chocolate cravings every now and then. Just not every day ;)

Drink more water and green tea. When I drink I already drink water and green tea most of the time, I hardly drink soda, but I think I could drink more often. For example every time I’ve been to the toilet?

So, those were my ‘fit’ resolutions for 2014. Do you also have fit resolutions for this year?

Lots of love,

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