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Remember the beauty event at People Behind The Mirror I attend in october last year? One of the great gifts we got at this event was a Rimmel@Home party: A make up workshop from a real Rimmel London make up artist for me and my friends at my home. How cool is that?!

So last friday was D day: At 7 pm Anneloes Huiskes, the make up artist, arrived  at my home and started preparing the table by setting out the make up, mirrors, cleaning wipes and brushes. At 7.15 my eight (you can invite 6-10 persons) guests, consisting of family and friends, arrived and at 7.30 the party officially started. Anneloes explained us what we were going to do and gave us all a present: A gift bag with three Rimmel products (an eye pencil, eyeshadow and lipstick), worth 15 euros! And I, as a host, even got two perfumes (Kylie Minogue pinks parkle and Kate Moss velvet)! So sweet! First we had to take off our own make up and after that Anneloes asked me if I wanted to be her model. Well, of course!

She first explained, by showing it on me, which type and color of foundation is right for which type of skin, how to apply powder and how to shape your face with bronzer. She used the Stay Matte 001 Foundation, Stay Matte 005 Powder and Sun Bronze 022 bronzer on me. As you can see on the last picture I also bought these products. Since my skin shines very quickly I love the Stay Matte products (I already discovered these products before the party by the way). Anneloes also showed us, by request of my sister, how to do a Kim Kardashian contouring look by using different shades of foundations.

After that Anneloes showed us how to apply your eyeshadow and told us which color is best for which color of eyes. For me she used the Glam’Eyes HD 022 eyeshadow, which consists of brown and copper tinted colors. These colors are perfect for women with blue eyes, like me. Then she showed us the different forms of eyeliner Rimmel offers (whether you like a pen, a pencil, liquoid or gel eyeliner: Rimmel has it) and how to apply it. A tip for the beginners: If you’re a starter gel eyeliner is the best option for you. It dries very quickly and is relatively easy to apply. For me Anneloes used a black pencil eyeliner. After that she teached us how to apply eyebrow pencil, which I thought was very helpful. And of course your eyelook  isn’t complete without mascara, so for me Anneloes used the very popular Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara (I already had this one in my make up stash and I love it!).

Last but not least Anneloes showed us how to apply blush and exlained the differences all of their lipsticks, lipglosses and combo’s. The very famous Apocalips line is a combination of lipgloss and lipstick: Not sticky, a nice glow and moisturizing. Every body seemed to really love that one! I wanted to try something totally different so I opted for a purple colored lipstick, Moisture Renew 330 Sloan’s Plum, which looked great on my lips!

After we were fully satisfied with our looks and tested everything we wanted to, it was time to shop! I’ve got to mention though that this was absolutely voluntary and nobody was forced in to buying anything, which made us wanted to buy stuff even more, haha! For only 15 euros (which is the average retail price of just one product) we could buy three products of our choice (and 6 for 30 euros, and so on). Since this was such a great deal, we bought quite a lot, haha! You can see what I bought on the very last picture: Everything to the right of the perfumes. Everything left to the perfumes (and the perfumes of course) is what I got gifted. If you’re counting: Yes, those are five products, but I also bought a mascara for my aunt, so I had six items.

What I bought in summary:
– Stay Matte 001 foundation
– Stay Matte 005 powder
– Sun Bronze 022 bronzer
– Glam’Eyes HD 022 eyeshadow
– Moisture Renew 330 Sloan’s Plum lipstick

Are you excited and do you want to host a Rimmel@Home party your self? For only 15 euros per person (which you immediately earn back by the three gifts you get at the very beginning of the workshop), you can! Plus a hostess you’ll get some extra presents (I got two perfumes). It’s superfun, very helpful and even nice for your wallet (3 prodcuts for 15 euros, hellóóó), so I would recommend a Rimmel@Home party to any one! Click here for more information.

Lots of love,

PS: I just posted a giveaway on my Facebook page where you can win a pair of MoonBoots! Oh yeah!

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