When I get interviewed, one of the most common questions I get asked is: ‘Where do you get your inspiration from?’. I totally understand these questions, because I’m always very curious to what inspires my favorite fashion blogger as well. I get inspired by magazines and sites like Pinterest, but mostly by other fashion bloggers. I’ve got a couple of favorite ones and I thought it would be nice to share them with you. So here you go: MY CURRENTLY PERSONAL TOP 10 FASHION BLOGS.

1. Come Over To The Dark Side We Have Candy a.k.a. COTTDS

I follow Cindy for a couple of years now and I’m happy to have seen her blog grow. I even think she’s the very first blogger I started following. When I started following her, I already thought her style and photos were great. But over the years both became even better. I mean just look at this picture. Doesn’t she look perfect and isn’t this picture stunning? Cindy loves to wear leather and black, so you might know why I like her so much.

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs favorites Cindy COTTDS black leather layers alexander wang sofia boots

2. AfterDRK

Sabrina from AfterDRK is one of Holland’s most popular bloggers and I totally understand why. Her style is so effortlessly beautiful and she’s got this beautiful, but sweet girl-next-door-ish face. I think it makes people able to identify with her. I think my own style really is a mix of Cindy and Sabrina’s style. I love wearing black and leather, but sometimes I also love to wear clean and simple outfit like Sabrina. They’re far from boring though! It’s not that easy to dress ‘effortless’. Sabrina know exactly which fabrics and shapes work, and which don’t. I love seeing her in oversized knits, boyfriend jeans and her pretty black Birkenstock Arizonas.

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs AfterDRK Sabrina Meijer Celine turtleneck Birkenstock Arizona sandals LA knitwear

3. The Habit

This LA based blogger (but frequent traveler) isn’t that insanely popular (yet), but I think she might become just that! Why? First: Theresa just is so freaking pretty! I mean look at that pretty face, perfectly glowing skin and beautiful body! See what I mean? Besides that I obviously love her style. Like me, she’s not a fan of lots of bells and whistles, she just wears the perfect key pieces. She wears brands like Étoile Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Dries van Noten, Thakoon, Helmut Lang and many more. All brands I love as well. But something I really love about her blog as well is her (or actually her husband’s) amazing photography. She ususally goes for industrial-ish locations and frequently takes her outfit photos at night as well, which gives her photos a raw edge and gives her skin a beautiful glow. Theresa. can I borrow your husband for my outfit pictures, pretty please? ;)

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Theresa The Habit layers fashion blogger LA

4. The Haute Pursuit

This bonde haired Asian girl (Pardon me for saying this, but I think she’s one of the little Asian girls who can rock blond hair), who wanders between Vancouver, Beijing and New York, has such an amazing style! Vanessa’s style is clean, yet rock, yet chic. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I just freaking love it. Oh, and this girl even has her own webshop, which is defintely worth checking out!

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs The Haute Pursuit THPSHOP jeans distressed denim ripped knitwear blond asian girl

5. Karla’s Closet

I absolutely love this woman, she’s definitely my girl crush. I love her classic face and those beautiful black curls. But I also love the fact that this girl isn’t skinny (Not fat as well! Hell no!), but has the most breathtaking curves. Suck on that, Kim K. ;) And she definitely knows how to work her body. I love how she often wears a figure hugging midi skirt combined with a sporty sweater. A winning combo, if you ask me. I love sporty chic!

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Karla's Closet italian curves curls sporty sweater midi skirt Kim Kardashian butt

6. Victoria Törnegren

I love Scandinavian blogs, like this one from miss Törnegren. I just love the minimalistic Scandinavian style and I secretely just love starring at Victoria’s perfect face and body, may I?

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Victoria Törnegren swedish Scandinavian blogger girls minimalistic style black leather

7. The Northern Light

Although Hedvig now lives in London, she grew up in the far north of Norway (hence the name of her blog) and it totally reflects in her style. She also has that ‘Scandinavian Swag’. Again, this girl knows how to rock minimalism. Oh, and she seems to have a turtleneck obsession, just like me!

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs The Northern Light Hedvig Scandinavian style minimalistic blogger Norway London Turtleneck baby blue

8. Negin Mirsalehi

Somehow I didn’t know this stunning lady (and instagramqueen with over 1 million followers) before I entered the BlogToday network, but I’m so glad I got to know about her blog plús I met her in person a couple of times and she’s so sweet! Like me, Negin also likes leather and black, but she also wears quite a lot of color. I think it might be because fo her that I’m starting to wear a little more color as well.

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Negin Mirsalehi Most promosing fashion blog stylight Dutch instram girl pink earmuffs all black everything leather outfit

9. Anouk Yve

Anouk is the founder and editor in chief of the Creators of Desire blogger’s network and just recently started her own blog as well. And boy, I’m so glad she did, because this chick’s got style (and yes, I know that already is the name of another blog, but she just does)! I obviously love her style, but I’m also obsessed with her beautiful curls! I kind of envy her for being so extremely busy (she’s a real business lady), but always looking stunning. Respect for that, Anouk!

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Anouk Yve blogger editor in chief founder Creators of Desire Anouk Bos denim shirt isabel marant pour H&M leather pants

10. MyDubio

To be fair I didn’t know about Joyce untill a few months ago and I’m so glad I discovered her blog! Joyce is Dutch, but according to her style she could be scandinavian as well! She wears a lot of white and simple items, but combines them in a unique and effortless way. I This girl also knows how to rock slouchy wear and Birkenstocks, without looking like a hobo/camper ;) Oh, and you should really check out her blog for cool DIY’s and interior inspiration as well!

RED REIDING HOOD: My top 10 fashion blogs Joyce Croonen MyDubio Dutch Scandinavian Style blogger minimalism extra long scarf slouchy white nike air max outfit

Lots of love,

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