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So I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for years now, but my problem is that there’s just sóóó much I like, but I don’t want to get myself covered in tattoos. Picking just one from all the pretty ideas in the world is just so hard, so I’ll wait. And while waiting ’till I make a decision (which could easily take ten more years) I’ll keep collecting the best inspiration on my ‘Inked’ board on Pinterest. So here you go: The best ink from Pinterest, or at least part of it. Of course you should check my Pinterest board about tattoos for more inspiration. I also did a tattoo inspiration blog post before, check it here. I by the way wouldn’t get every single one of the tattoos above myself, but I do think they all are pretty awesome!

Which one do you like most? And do you have or want a tattoo as well?

Lots of love,

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