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RED REIDING HOOD: afterdrk cashmere corset DIY bustier navy blue

RED REIDING HOOD: Navy blue pinstripe slouchy trousers black ponyhair loafers

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Pinstripe trousers: H&M (old, but very similar on sale HERE and HERE)
Leather suit jacket: Mango
Shirt: H&M
Cardigan worn as corset: Vila (old, but similar HERE)
Clutch: Zara
Loafers: Vagabond (got them while shopping at Spartoo)

When I saw Sabrina from AfterDRK wearing her jumper as a bustier a couple of weeks ago, I immediately tried it out as well. I used a cardigan in stead of a jumper and loved the outcome. So two days ago I decided to wear the ‘DIY bustier’ outside and I came up with this outfit, which I wore during a shopping trip in Amsterdam. Hope you like it!

Lots of love,

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