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 Wedge sneakers: Isabel Marant ‘Beckett’ trainers

They’re mine, oh mine! I still find it hard to believe, but they’re really mine: These Isabel Marant ‘beckett’ wedge sneakers. I know the hype for these shoes already is kind of over, but I couldn’t resist them for the good price I could get them for. Plus they’re just so pretty and comfy at the same time. I got them for such a good price that I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, they’re not authentic (they do have the Isabel Marant logo on the sole and inner sole, but still, you never know). But you know what, I don’t even want to think about that (so don’t spoil my happiness please!). I like them and the quality looks good, so I’m sure I will wear them a lot!

A friend of mine found them in a second hand store and unfortunately they were too big for her, but then she thought of me. She called me and offered to take them home for me. So I gave in. They turned out to be one size too big for me, but I couldn’t care less. Plus, with an extra sole in it they fit perfectly. Fixed!

Lots of love,

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