RED REIDING HOOD: Specsavers glasses replay bril merkmontuur brildrager van het jaar fashion blogger

FINALLY! After years of wanting a new pair of glasses, I actually got myself a new pair of glasses! Yay! I already had another pair, but I only wore them at home (I wear lenses most of the time), because I just thought they weren’t ‘me’ enough. First of all they were brown, and those of you who know me a little know I prefer black over brown. Always. Plus I felt a little too severe, because of their rectangular shape and quite small size. They weren’t ugly, not at all, but they just didn’t reflect my style and personality anymore (yes, this goes deep). This pair from Replay, which I got at Specsavers, does reflect me though! It really suits me: They’re black, pretty big and slightly rounded. I FREAKING LOVE THEM (hence the big smile)! So be prepared, because I woul definitely wear these for outfit posts!

Lots of love,

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