RED REIDING HOOD: Fashion blogger wearing Zara clutch relief motif text stressed but well dressed clutch bag

RED REIDING HOOD: Zara relief clutch stressed but well dressed text relief motif bag
Clutch – Zara

‘Stressed,  but well dressed’, is a phrase that has been applicable to my life quite a lot of times (or at least, I thought I was well dressed during those stressed times). I’m glad to see that I don’t feel very stressed at the moment anymore, but despite that I still freaking love this clutch. The phrase is funny and quite true to a lot of people I think, but I also love the look of it. I mean, those relief ‘pop up’ letters are pretty awesome, right? Oh, and it’s only 20 euros, which came as quite a suprise to me and Michelle (with whom I was hunting this clutch down in Amsterdam together yesterday).

Lots of love,

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