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Wow, my hair is growing so superfast! Remember my short bob which I got in November? Well, there’s nothing left of the bob anymore. And it’s not that short anymore, the front part is almost shoulder length now.  It’s getting quite a weird shape now though, so I think it’s time to visit the hairdresser again. I’m still in doubt about what I should do though. At the beginning of this new year I decided I wanted to grow my hair long again, but when I looked at some of my older pictures a couple of days back, I immediately decided I don’t want to grow my hair long again. At least, not for now. Shorter hair just looks so much better on me. And life just is too short to have boring hair, right? I don’t want it as short as I decided up on back in November though. I liked it, but I’m done with that now. So I think I want it shoulder length or even a bit longer, but that’s not an option for now, since my hair simply isn’t long enough for that now. I’m not sure about the shape yet though: Bob, straight chop or layers? Mmm.. decisions, decisions.

Lots of love,

Ps: On my ‘Hair’ pinterest board you’ll find many more inspiration! Worth checking out!

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