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It’s been quite a while since my last YouTube video, I’ve just been very busy with my study and my blog lately. On that front I’ve got kind of good news for you: I decided to quit my study for a little while, I will be starting in February next year again. Because of that I’ve got lots of time to spend on my blog now, so I will post a new video on my YouTube channel every week. Since my videos are in Dutch, I decided not to feature every single video on my blog as well, because I don’t want to bore my non-Dutch readers with videos they won’t be able to understand. But since I’m just showing everything I bought in January in this video (along with some non-important chitchat), I decided to post this one on my blog anyway. I put text in the videos so you can see the name and price of the products. Let me know what you think of this video!

Lots of love,

Ps: Get those Sam Edelman Mila ankle boots while they’re still available on sale at Zalando here!

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