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Dear Zara,

In short: I hate you. I hate how you only seem to hire unfriendly, non Dutch speaking personnel. I hate how I’m not allowed to bring more than 6 pieces to the changing rooms, which allows me to only bring 3 different items max, since I just have to fit everything in different sizes. I hate how you expect your costumers to buy damaged items and how you seem to be allergic for the words ‘discount’ and ‘customer support’.

But I also hate how much I love you. I love how you always seem to offer the perfect key pieces for me. I love how soon you change your collections and I just love how you make designer looking items affordable.

So I gave in: Last week I bought this big pile of clothes from the only store I’m in a love/hate relationship with, Zara. Oh well, at least I got it all for a great discount. Everything was 17 euros per piece. That must sting, Zara, since offering discounts is so against your nature! Makes me feel a little bit less weak for shopping at Zara, AGAIN.

So, what do you think of my new Zara sale purchases?

Lots of love,

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