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 Photos via Pinterest, The Haute Pursuit, MyDubio

I’m super obsessed with slouchy/wide/suit pants lately, or better said again. I’ve loved them ever since they became a hit last summer and never stopped loving them, but I wasn’t as obsessed as I was before anymore. The obsession is back though! I think it’s because of the higher temperatures lately, which predicts spring is just around the corner. I guess I just love wide breezy pants when it’s getting warmer. And I just love the combination of wide pants with sandals, which are more suitable during summer than winter of course ;)

Anyway. being the Pinterest addict that I am, I’ve been strolling Pinterest for the best wide pants inspiration. So here you go! Follow me on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

Oh, and I found some very cool wide / slouchy pants on webshops such as Asos, Nelly and Topshop and I share my find with you in the pic below. Oh, you should really check out the Nowhere Salomon Trousers, they’re only 8.95 euros now (see me wear them here)!

Lots of love,

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