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Sorry for the delay today, since you’re used to see new posts poppin’ up at 7am, but I got home from the Nelly High Heels event at midnight and was too tired to make this post (which was my initial plan).  So here you go, today I’m telling you all about the Nelly High Heels event, which I attended last night.

Popular webshop Nelly organized several events across the country for their fans, called the Nelly High Heels event hosted by stylist and Holland’s Next Top Model coach Fred van Leer. The first 100 ladies in line got to order a pair of free Nelly shoes!
Yesterday was the Groningen edition, which was closest to where I live, so I decided to go. Finally something near my hometown! StyleToday, sponsor of the event, asked to cover the event for them. Not a problem at all! I even got to bring a friend and my cousin, Meral (who also has a blog), with me. I had no clue on what the turnout would be, but when we arrived at 9.45 pm (the event started at 10 pm) we saw a húúúge line. We were told that it already was crowded at 8 pm. Luckily we could get round the line and got to see the shoes and order our own pairs before everybody else entered the building. This also allowed us to take some good pictures of the shoes (Well, good? I didn’t dare to bring my SLR camera, so I took these pics with my phone) ánd to chat with Fred van Leer. I was very excited to meet him, since my sister and I always watch Holland’s Next Top Model and became to love him. He’s always so funny and kind to the models. Well, I can tell you he’s just as funny and kind in real life. He asked me questions about where I live, about my blog and which shoes were my favorite. Well, my favorites were the Gladiator Sandals (forgot to capture them!) and his favorites were the Holographic Pumps (see second picture).

When the first guests arrived the madhouse began. It was so crowded! First at the displays were the shoes got showed and after at the computers were you had to leave your name, address and choice of shoes. After everybody ordered their shoes, Fred announced a competition: Take an instagram picture in which you show your love for shoes and hashtag it with #NellyHighHeels. The winner would win a Nelly Gift Card worth 130 euros and the runner up a giftcard worth 60 euros. Well, guess who the winner was. ME! I felt so freaking lucky! I took a picture of me forming a heart with my hands and place it in front of a shoe display (first pic). My evening couldn’t have been any better: Free shoes and a giftcard! I’m such a lucky chick!

As you might understand we had a blast and when I got home I even couldn’t resist checking out the Nelly webshop, but I was too tired to order anything, so that’s what I’m gonna do now!

Have you been to any of the Nelly High Heels Event? Or are you still going (Utrecht and Eindhoven are still coming up!).

Lots of love,

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