Sorry for the long wait, but here they finally are: The answers to your questions! I hope I didn’t forget any questions and that you like reading my answers! If there still is something you’d like to know though, just drop a comment below and I’ll reply it! 


Nora: If you were an animal, which one would you be? And which fashion item is on top of your wishlist?
‘Which animal I would be? A cat, no doubt! I love my cats so freaking much, but I also am a bit jealous with those cute furry bastards. I mean all they ‘have’ to do is eat and sleep (and shit). Oh, and being cute, but they don’t have to put any effort in that. Living the good life!
It’s really hard to say which fashion item is on top of my wishlist though, because there’s just so much I want (oh, greedy me!). But if I really háve to pick one thing, it will probably be the Céline Phantom Luggage Bag. It has been on my wishlist for quite some time now.’

Dionne: Is there some sort of garment, brand or color you really disgust?
‘Haha, oh yeah! Croc clogs, hands down! I can handle a lot of ‘ugly’ things (or at least that’s what 99% of people think, except for me), like Céline’s furkenstocks. Love those! But Crocs, no, those will never grow on me!’

Roos: How much do you get paid with blogging?
‘Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I’d rather keep my incomes private. I do understand the curiosity though, so let’s say I can’t make a living of it (yet). I think it’s comparable to a side job, like being a cashier at a supermarket, only it’s a lot more fun!’

“Blogging as a side job is a lot more fun than being a cashier at a supermarket!”

Hafsah: What do you like most about blogging and what do you hate the most?
‘This may sound cliché, but truly the fact that so many people all over the world actually read (and watch) my blog. It still is surreal that almost 10.000 different people check my blog each month! What I hate the most is the fact that I’ve got to make photos on a regular base and have to find people to shoot them fore me. I just hate that I sometimes have to nag my boyfriend (and other people) to take photos of me. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting outfit pictures, but it’s not so much fun if I’ve got to drag other people with me to take them. It kind of suck the fun out of it. Luckily I also have a couple of people in my life who actually enjoy taking pictures.’

Birgitt: What’s your favorite TV show and movie?
‘Oh my, that’s such a hard question! I watch so many different TV shows, it’s very addictive. At the moment I’m hooked at The Blacklist, Shameless, The Vampire Diaries and The Carrie Diaries (and I just started watching a couple of new ones). My all time favorite show is Dexter though. Oh how much I miss Dex and Deb!
As for movies. Hmm.. I’m in doubt between two very different ones: The Notebook and Disturbia. I can’t choose!’

“Watching TV shows is very addictive. I miss Dexter!”

Leneth: What’s the most fun or crazy thing you ever experienced because of your blog?
‘Definitely getting recognized on the streets. I know many people read my blog, because of my statistics, but meeting your followers in person still is very weird (in a positive way). I do love it though! If you ever spot me somewhere, please say hello! I’d love to meet you!’

Ella: In what kind of outfit do you really feel ‘Rowan’?
‘That’s simple! Definitely an all black everything outfit (leather jacket, black jeans, black oversized tee and a pair of pointy black heels). That’s so me!’

Dagmar: I’d love to know who’s your biggest source of inspiration for your beautiful outfits and who you’d like others to define your style. And I’m very curious to know if you’ve always loved fashion or if your love for fashion grew over the years.
‘My biggest source of inspiration, that’s hard! There’s not just one person who inspires me, but a lot of different persons. I really love the style of Cindy from COTTDS though, she also is the very first blogger I ever followed. But I also love Sabrina from AfterDRK and many other bloggers too! It’s so hard to choose! I gain a lot of inspiration from Pinterest as well.
About my love for fashion: No, I don’t think I always loved fashion. When I was younger (we’re talking me as a 7 years old) clothing was all about comfort to me. I was kind of boyish, so I needed clothing I could easily move around in. I hated it when my mom tried to get me in tight pants. I wasn’t that much into skinny jeans yet back then, haha! I think my love for fashion started when I was around 12 years old. It actually happened when my dad accidentaly brought me the wrong magazine. I always read a stupid magazine called Hitkrant (full of celebrity gossip and posters of famous people), but when my dad accidentaly bought me Cosmogirl, I was hooked. I never read Hitkrant and ever since and started reading Cosmogirl and especially found the fashion section very interesting. Later on I discovered Ellegirl, which contained even more fashion and less ‘boy trouble stuff’. A couple of year later I started reading more grown up magazines like Elle and I discovered blogs. That’s when fashion became more than an interest: My passion!’

“I hated it when my mom tried to get me in tight pants!”

Petra: Suppose that you could hire some one to work for Red Reiding Hood, what will be the first blog related task you would give that person? In other words: What do you like the least about blogging and would you rather let some one else do (Maybe nothing at all, because you like everything or you might be a control freak. Dunno!)?
‘Well, you might be right about the control freak part. Blogging can sometimes be really time consuming, but I wouldn’t ever let anybody else touch my content. Something I would hire someone for (if I had the money to), would be for taking my outit photos. Oh my, I would love to have my own photographer: No more fights with the bf, yay!’

Annemieke: Name one favorite blogger and blog.
‘Well, I would say Cindy from COTTDS and other wise Sabrina from After DRK. But since I already named those two in a previous question, I will go for the runner up: Karla from Karla’s Closet. I love her style and just her total appearance. Did you already see my Top 10 fashion blogs post?’

Eline: What do you like most about blogging?
‘As I said in a previous question: The fact that so many people all over the world love my style and visit my blog. But I also love that I got the opportunity to go to awesome events, meet fellow bloggers and collaborate with great brands. I’m so thankful for all of that!’

Lots of love,

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