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RED REIDING HOOD: De Blog Bijbel Carlijn Bekker tips and tricks for bloggers book

When I got the opportunity to review ‘De Blog Bijbel’ (translated: The Blog Bible), written by Carlijn Bekker, I immediately said yes. I was very curious up on what this book has to offer for me, but also if it would have been useful for me when I just started blogging. It’s written in Dutch, so it might not really be interesting for my non-Dutch readers, but I’m writing this review in English anyway. Why? Because I’ll highlight a couple of really great tips, which are interesting for blogger all over the world. Of course I can’t show/tell you everything, so if you’d like to know more: Get the book!


This book offers great tips for those who are thinking about starting a blog and those who aren’t that experienced in the blogosphere yet. If you already have a blog, but aren’t quite sure upon how to make it grow, this book can be very helpful. If you are already quite experienced as a blogger, like me, this book might not really be something for you. Although it can serve as a reminder. Carlijn for example advices you to use a blog calendar. I’ve thought about doing so a couple of times, but somehow didn’t. But after reading about it again, I’m determined to do so.


– It starts with the simple fact of why you should want to start a blog. Sounds pretty simple, but it actually is something you should really think about. You probably heard it before, but you should blog because you like it, not because you’d like to receive goodies. Keeping up a blog is hard work and it can take you a year (or even more) before you get noticed. Don’t forget there are a zillion other bloggers out there. That’s why you should be original, another tip from the Blog Bible.

– The book also explains important and technical stuff like Google Analytics, Spam Control and SEO.

– There’s also one page dedicated to social media – etiquette, a must read, the best tip the book gives you on this subject is to share more than just your blog updates on your social media channels.

– The Blog Bible also talks about photography, this is very basic though. If you really want to know something about photography, like what lens you should buy and how to use programs like lightroom, this book won’t help you out. But hey, Google is your best friend, right?

– Something I found really interesting was how to deal with negativity. I know this can be hard, especially when you just start. Your first negative comments will hurt, but I can assure you: Everybody gets them. Plus you’ll get used to it. People can be really mean on the internet, since it’s anonymous and not face-to-face. It just is so easy to do. Keep in mind though that most of these people just are very insecure about them selves and use you to act that out. Of course I’m not talking about constructive critisicm, there’s nothing wrong with that, but pure hate. Luckily enough such comments are very rare on my blog, but I got them on forums. And yes, it really hurt at first, but at some point you start to see it as a compliment: Probably they envy you enough to badmouth about you. Haters make you famous!

– Next to that the book also covers important issues like how to grow your blog and how to make money off your blog.

– Last but not least, a couple of ‘gurus‘ will give you advice on how to stand out in their expterise. Among them are Dutch beautyblogger Mascha Feoktistova of Beautygloss, fashion blogger Anouk Bos from Anouk Yve (Love her blog!), Lifestyleblogger Annemerel de Jongh from Annemerel and vlogger Teske de Schepper from Teskuh.

Of course that wasn’t nearly all, this was just a small summary. So are you eager to learn more? You should really get the book then! Get it at for only 10 euros!

Lots of love,

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