Geef toe, soms zijn bloggers net celebrities en wil je álles van ze weten: Wat ze eten, waar ze wonen én wie de vriendjes/echtgenoten zijn. Ik ben hier geen uitzondering op: Ik heb vaak genoeg een naam van een bekende blogger gevolgd door het woord ‘boyfriend’ ingetikt op Google. Helaas zijn niet alle vriendjes even makkelijk te vinden en daarom heb ik besloten deze blog post te maken. Ik weet namelijk zeker dat ook jullie maar al te graag willen weten wie ‘de vriendjes van’ zijn. Grappig om te weten is trouwens dat bijna alle hieronder genoemde bloggers hun faam hebben te danken aan hun vriendjes welke vaak de fotograaf zijn en in sommige vallen ook manager. Daarom vind ik het hoog tijd om de rollen eens om te draaien en de vriendjes in de schijnwerpers te zetten. Daar gaat ie dan: 20x blogger boyfriends!


Admit it, sometimes bloggers are just like celebrities and you want to know éverything about them: What they eat, where they live ánd who the boyfriends are. I’m no exception. I often googled a name of a famous blogger followed by the word ‘boyfriend’. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to find áll the boyfriends and that’s why I decided to do this blog post. I’m pretty sure you would also like to know who ‘the boyfriends of’ are. Funny fact is that almost all of the bloggers mentioned below have to thank they’re fame from their boyfriends, whom often are the photographer and sometimes even the manager. That’s why I think it’s about time to put them in the spotlights for once. Here you go: 20x blogger boyfriends!

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1. Johannes Huebl (+ Olivia Palermo)

Male model Johannes Huebl and his fiancé Olivia Palermo, reality star (The Hills) turned fashion blogger, have been together since 2008 and engaged since January first 2014 while being on holiday in St. Barts. They’re loved by streetstyle photograpgers and who can blame them? They’re such a hot couple!

2. James Vyn (+Kristina Bazan a.k.a Kayture)

James and Kristina went to high school together, became lovers and started Kayture together. So besides lovers, these two beautiful people are also business partners. Could my boyfriend please take a lesson (or two) in photography from James?!

3. Andrew Arthur (+ Chiara Ferragni a.k.a. The Blonde Salad)

Now that we’re all over the shock that Chiari+Richie (who’ve been together for six years and met at law school) is non existing anymore, we grew to love Andrew! Oh, an he happens to take the most gorgeous photos!

4. Aleks Subosic (+ Kenza Zouiten a.ka. Kenzas)

Aleks is 30 years old (six years olden than Kenza) and is born in Sweden, but he has Serbian roots. He’s seven time karate champion (Don’t mess with Aleks!) in Sweden, but now he works in marketing. Kenza and Aleks met in february 2009 at the Blog Awards in Sweden where Kenza was nominated and the marketing company Aleks works for was one of the companies who advertised on her blog. He came up to her and told her they were like colleagues and talked a little. When Kenza came home she wrote on her blog: ‘I met my husband today’. Aleks emailed her and so it all started. Such a beautiful story, right?

5. Lesley van Haren (+ Sabrina Meijer a.ka. AfterDRK)

Lesley and Sabrina have been together for almost five years now, their anniversary is June 10th. They’re so cute together, just watch this video on her blog and you’ll agree. Sabrina is a lucky girl, because her (handsome) boyfriend loves to cook! And you know what they say: Love goes through the stomach.

6. Dani Taboada Parga (+ Cindy van der Heyden a.k.a. COTTDS)

Dani (who has Spanish roots) has been Cindy’s photographer since the very beginning and still is. Dani even started his own blog slash online magazine for men: SPRHUMAN, pretty cool!

7. Marcus Wahlin (+ Angelica Blick)

Marcus and Angelica have been together since June 14, 2013. He’s from Gothenburg, but lives in Stockholm and works at Zara (Angelica probably loves the employee discount, haha!).

8. Wes Mason (+ Aimee Song a.k.a. Song of Style)

Wes takes most of Aimee’s photos and they travel the world together.

9. Gabriel Chambers (+ Karla Deras a.k.a. Karla’s Closet)

Because of a tweet in which I saw Gabriel congratulate Karla on their sixth anniversary sent 21 months ago (yes I did my research), I know they’ve been together for over 7 years now.

10. Erik Forsgren (+ Victoria Tornegren)

I probably haven’t ever seen such a hot and sporty couple before. Wow, look at both of their bodies!

11. Scott Schuman (+ Garance Doré)

Garance’s boyfriend, known from streetstyle blog The Satoralist, is just as well known as her self. Quite the fashion couple!

12. Janne (+ Sandra Hagelstam a.k.a. 5inchandup)

It must be pretty amazing to have a boyfriend who agrees upon wearing matching outfits, lucky Sandra!

13. Karl Lindman (+ Elin Kling)

The perfect fashion couple: Elin’s fiancé Karl Lindman is art director at Interview Magazine and they even have their own clothing line called Totême.

14. Maurits (+ Negin Mirsalehi)

Maurits and Negin have been together for almost eight years. They met in high school and also went to the same university. How sweet is that? Despite of his dark hair, he’s 100% dutch. Whenever the two are on vacation, whether it’s in Spain, Italy or Greece, local people always start to talk in their native language to him. Quite funny, right?

15. Ralph van Vugt (+ Rebecca a.k.a. Raspberry Rouge)

Rebecca’s boyfriend has quite the hot job: He’s a succesful DJ (he toured with Swedish House Maffia!) and has to travel the world because of that. And lucky Rebecca often gets to travel along with him, something she probably doesn’t mind at all ;)

16. Thomas (+ Charlotte Groeneveld a.k.a. THEFASHIONGUITAR)

These newlyweds have been married since April 2014, so boyfriend isn’t the right word for Thomas. He’s Charlotte’s hubby and they’ve got two lovely young children: James (two years old) and Stella (only four months old).

17. Richard Nicholls (+ Andy Torres a.k.a. Style Scrapbook)

Andy met her Dutch lover while she was studying in Canada. They were so in love that Andy decided to move to Amsterdam to be together with her soulmate. Like many blogger boyfriends, Richard is the one who shoots Andy’s outfit photos.

18. Christopher Dowson (+ Rumi Neely a.k.a. Fashion Toast)

Just like co-blogger Chiara Ferragni Rumi started her blog with her ex: Colin Sokol. The story goes that Colin caught her back in 2007 taking selfies using a tripod in front a garage door when Colin offered to help her and that’s when Fashion Toast started. After having an on and off relationship for quite some years they eventually decided to break up for the very last time. Kind of sad, because they were a nice couple to look at (even Ralph Lauren, who asked them to star in his Big Pony Seductive perfume commercial called ‘Laws of Seduction’), but I’m glad she found happiness with another guy now: Christoper Dowson.

19. Temoc Gonzalez (+ Julie Sarinana a.k.a. Sincerely Jules)

Temoc is (like many blogger boyfriends) Julie’s photographer ánd manager. Oh, and he’s super good looking. You go, girl!

20. Jos Hooiveld (+ Anouk Bos from Anouk Yve)

Besides a fashion blogger and business woman (she runs the blogger pact website Creators of Desire), Anouk is also a soccer wife/girlfriend. Her boyfriend, Jos Hooiveld, plays for Southampton FC. Her boyfriend actually is one of the reasons she came up with the idea for creating a blogger network. When he still played for AIK Stockholm in Sweden, where fashion is a big deal, she found out the best Swedish bloggers are united under commercial media companies like Fashion Networks. Anouk wanted to do the same thing for Dutch bloggers.