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Photo 1: Bare face

Photo 2: Wearing just Cent Pur Cent liquid foundation

Photo 3: Wearing just Cent Pur Cent loose mineral foundation and concealer

Last week I received three products of the 100% natural and cruelty free brand Cent Pur Cent: Pureskin Liquid Foundation, Loose Mineral Foundation en Loose Mineral Concealer. I always get super excited when there’s a new cruelty free brand and also the beautiful rose gold packaging makes me very happy. But in the end it’s actually about the products themselves, so what do I think?

“I always get super excited when there’s a new cruelty free brand!”

I especially was very curious to try the mineral foundation and concealer, since I ALWAYS use the liquid version of these products. For the best coverage Cent Pur Cent recommends to use both the liquid foundation as the loose mineral foundation. And since I’ve got quite a lot of red spots on my face and currently am covered in mosquito bumps, I need a big amount of coverage. So the first time I decided to use all three products together. I immediately was impressed by the thick but non-greasy consistency of the foundation. And the color 1.0 matches perfectly with my skin! The liquid foundation gives a great coverage and I would already leave the house like this.

But the loose mineral foundation totally finishes the look. It makes my skin look even more matte en smooth. It really reminds me of a finishing powder, but somewhat thicker. The concealer also does its job. I’ve got to admit though that I don’t really suffer from dark circles, so I can’t really say what it’s like for ladies who do. You can also wear the loose mineral foundation without the liquid foundation underneath, but that wasn’t a big succes for me. The coverage is just to minimal for me. It does something, but I just like a full coverage look. I might like it on vacation though, when regular liquid foundations will just melt off your face.

“De Cent Pur Cent pureskin liquid foundation gives a great coverage.”

So are you looking for a nice cruelty free full coverage foundation? Then definitely give the Cent Pur Cent liquid foundation a try, possibly with the mineral foundation. Do you prefer a light coverage? Than solely use the loose mineral foundation.


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